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Classic Imports | Auto Repair in New Buffalo

For over 30 years, Classic Imports in New Buffalo has strived to deliver comprehensive, efficient, high-quality automotive maintenance and repair services to the New Buffalo community. We have a state-of-the-art, modern shop, and are committed to excellence of service, striving to ensure that all your automotive needs are met. Our ASE-certified technicians are well-equipped to diagnose and repair a wide variety of automotive issues. Our priority is to get you safely back on the road as soon as possible and at a transparent price. 


We know how stressful car maintenance and repair can be. At Classic Imports, we aim to make your experience as seamless as possible.  We often give customers a shuttle ride to their desired destination upon dropping their car off. Should you choose to wait while we work on your vehicle, we have a comfortable waiting room with beverages and Wi-Fi for your comfort. Let our team take care of you and all your automotive needs. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today. 

Meet the Owner

Classic Imports | Auto Repair in New Buffalo

Mikail Pinette came into this profession honestly. His father and grandfather were both in the auto profession before he came along. His grandfather had an auto dealership in the 1920's and 1930's, and his father used to collect and race Hudsons, rebuilding many of them to either drive himself or sell.  

When Mikail was school age, his family moved to Alaska where his father worked on vehicles, heavy equipment, and airplanes.  Mikail watched and helped his dad whenever he could, and while in high school, he worked in an apprenticeship at the local airbase motor pool during his sophomore and junior years. His senior apprenticed at a air charter company called Peninsula Airways on a fleet of over 20 prop engine aircraft all ranging from single engine, twin engine, wheeled, amphibious landing, etc. After graduating high school, he was hired by the U.S. National Park Service where he worked for three years, maintaining all their vehicles and boats used at one of their camps.

Mikail and Renee moved to Michigan in 1981 where he started his career repairing import cars in St. Joseph, Michigan, South Bend, Indiana and for many years worked for several dealerships, advancing as a Mercedes Benz technician.  When the prolonged recession continued into 1990, work was thin at the Mercedes dealership, prompting Mikail to start his own repair shop, beginning out of his garage in Berrien Springs, Michigan.  He named the new business Classic Imports.  

Within that first year, Classic Imports outgrew the garage, necessitating a move, so Union Pier, Michigan became the new home of the fledgling business.  Renee operated an independent accounting business by then, so she handled the accounting side of the business.  The business grew slowly at first.  After Mikail and Renee took some automotive management classes the entire operation flourished.  During these training years, Mikail and Renee’s son Brandon was learning the automotive trade from Mikail as well as attending many tech training seminars and courses during his high school and college years.  As Brandon grew in talent and maturity, he and later his wife Erica joined the team, keeping this business the family-owned business it has now become—one of the most professional auto repair facilities in the area. 

Classic Imports | Auto Repair in New Buffalo

Reliable Automotive Services in New Buffalo

The focus of our business is trifold: honesty, meeting my client’s needs, and utilizing advancing technology. Training, quality, and personal service are our top priorities. We are a family-owned and operated business and hire only high-quality, professional employees. Our clients have responded with wondrous praise to our efforts. Just look at all our testimonials and you will see for yourself.

Classic Imports is New Buffalo’s Premier Automotive Shop

Our goals are simple, and our winning formula is clear: we constantly strive to become the premier auto repair facility in the tri-county area and provide the highest level of customer service while possessing the most courteous and knowledgeable staff. We also work hard to have the cleanest facility equipped with the most modern technology, provide the highest quality parts at a fair price, and exceed our customers’ expectations every time. We desire to educate our customers about their vehicles, creating loyal clients for life. Call or schedule a maintenance or repair service today. 

Classic Imports | Auto Repair in New Buffalo